Care Foundation sees many children in Romania growing up without love, without enough food, without educationand without any real prospect for a healthy future. Many of these children are either Roma or orphans. 

One young woman in our individual sponsorship program told us how Care Foundation made a difference to her life.

Mihaela says:

'All the time when I hear about Care Foundation it give me a good feeling because the people from the foundation were there for me when I need them especially to have a normal life and to raise my daughter. By Care Foundation I’m going back to school for a few years and it’s very interesting in life. I want to thank all the people from the foundation for everything they do for me, they change my life and they show me how it is to be in a big family. I will never find enough words to thank all of them and also to the sponsors who help them to give us a better life. Thank to all my friends from Care Foundation. Love u all my friends.'