Personal Coaching

Jong volwassenen die proberen om op eigen benen te gaan staan ondersteunen wij op een achttal levensgebieden, te weten: huisvesting, financiƫn, dagbesteding, zingeving, praktisch -, sociaal -, lichamelijk -, en psychisch functioneren.

Mede door deze opbouw proberen wij veelal wezen en oud straatkinderen zelfstandig te laten functioneren in Roemenie.

Alexandra aan het woord:

'The first time I met people from the foundation it was in summer 2009. I was translator during a program in a orphanage. The members of the foundation made me very happy because they stayed with me and they talk to me very much and tried to help and talk about God.

With their help I managed to know God and truly believe that I am his child and loves me exactly as I am. He listen to me any time.

With their help I got the opportunity to learn English (my wish was to learn English and I learned English through their wonderful projects) The projects of Care Foundation have enjoyed me because I could understand that every poor child deserves to be happy and educated to fulfill all wishes because the people from Care Foundation have learned what respect means for others and desire to have a better life and not to be discriminated because in front of God all people are equal.

With their help I could fulfill my desire to go to College, they have supported me on completion of studies, giving my money to sign up, and during college faculty have performed all necessary expenditure for not having outstanding exams.

I want to say that they have a very special place in my heart!

With love,